Speaker Journey: Anne Malone- Part 1

Get to know TEDxStJohns 2015 speaker Anne Malone as she prepares for the big night on May 22nd.

Anne will share her journey from application to standing on the TEDxStJohns stage, & everything in between. Learn about what it’s like to be a TEDxStJohns speaker!

I am so excited and honoured to be presenting at TEDXStJohns 2015; it’s a wild and wonderful ride! I love TEDxStJohns’ thematic approach to ideas, and the diversity of topics that can emerge from Make+Belief – the theme of belief is so expansive!

The application process was a peek into the biggest challenge of creating a TEDx-worthy talk – how to present a complex idea in a short, concise, and entertaining way. The application questions led me to really focus on my core idea, which is that blindness is not a disability, but a different interface with the environment. It is our collective beliefs about the nature of blindness that are disabling, not the blindness itself.

The audition was (thankfully!) a pretty relaxed conversation about my idea, an opportunity for the Programming Committee to ask questions, and for me to articulate my thoughts in an informal atmosphere.

Who knew that my gift for gab & a rad idea could land me on a TEDx stage?  Dream come true for a devoted TED-head!

Anne Malone


Anne Malone is a writer, speaker, and creator who envisions and advocates freedom from disability for people who are blind. Malone’s writing plumbs the depths of history, the classical arts, and popular culture to reveal the origins of deeply buried cultural beliefs about the abilities and characteristics of people who are blind, and the catastrophic consequences these misbeliefs have on blind people around the world. In partnership with her guide dog Cheryl, Malone opens the eyes of the sighted to the complexities of living with blindness in a visual world.

Anne Malone lives in Newfoundland, and is currently writing Blinding, a multimedia, multi-platform work of creative non-fiction.


Follow along over the next three and a half weeks as Anne’s prepares for the TEDxStJohns main stage. Purchase your tickets to see Anne live on stage on May 22nd at BMW St. John’s.


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