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Speaker Journey: Anne Malone- Part 4

Anne Malone, a speaker at TEDxStJohns 2015, has been sharing her story as she prepared for the big night’s event. Anne took the stage Friday evening and delivered an amazing talk which had us questioning society’s perception of the blind and how they fit (or don’t fit) into our lives.

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It’s amazing how much can happen in just a few days. Last Wednesday we speakers met each other (and many of the TEDxStJohns volunteers) for the first time. Nothing breaks the ice like a shared experience, so by Friday, friendships were blooming.

The night had a surreal quality – the transformation of the space into a spectacular performance venue and the positive energy and anticipation that filled the room was intoxicating. As I walked onto that stage, I could feel the support and openness of the crowd. Any nervousness dissolved; it was like flying.

A TED & TEDx event is always impressive – the ideas, the speakers and performers, and the high production values, are some of the elements that characterize the singularity of TED & TEDx. But the heartbeat and spirit of TED extends far beyond that stage. They are in the generosity and vision of hundreds of volunteers and partners who recognize the value of incubating and disseminating ideas that have world-changing potential.

This has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Having the opportunity to present my idea was a thrill and a privilege, but it was the people of this powerful community that made my TEDx journey unforgettable.

Thank you, thank you,  thank you!

Anne Malone


Anne Malone is a writer, speaker, and creator who envisions and advocates freedom from disability for people who are blind. Malone’s writing plumbs the depths of history, the classical arts, and popular culture to reveal the origins of deeply buried cultural beliefs about the abilities and characteristics of people who are blind, and the catastrophic consequences these misbeliefs have on blind people around the world. In partnership with her guide dog Cheryl, Malone opens the eyes of the sighted to the complexities of living with blindness in a visual world.

Anne Malone lives in Newfoundland, and is currently writing Blinding, a multimedia, multi-platform work of creative non-fiction.


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